Seva Bharathi has established
around 1743 Self Reliance initiatives across the state.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Sevabharathi teaches people to help them help themselves through self-sustenance which will be a permanent solution rather than stop gap measures. Sevabharathi takes the extra effort to train, develop and lead, to help them stand on their own legs for self-sustenance and growth. The main aim is to increase sustainability and long term growth.

Tailoring Centres

Sevabharathi runs tailoring centers for the empowerment of women. In these centers, tailoring skills are imparted free of cost. Certificates are given to those who successfully complete the course. These tailoring classes enable women in rural areas to earn on their own, making them self-confident and self-dependent.

After completing the course, some women start their own tailoring shops, while many secure well-paying jobs in the export garment factories in the nearby areas, or sub-contract work from large tailoring shops.

In some districts, tailoring centers are run under state or central government schemes. Such courses have the added advantage of an official certificate from the government for those who complete the course.

Vocational Training

Sevabharathi conducts vocational training classes in rural areas. People are trained in doll-making, preparation of soaps and detergents, crafting articles from palm leaves, preparation of processed food and other eatables, pottery, ceramics, embroidery, fashion technology, preparation of indigenous medicines using locally available herbs, and making other common household items. Such training helps rural people earn a decent living. Sevabharathi also helps those who wish to start their own enterprise by recommending their case to financial institutions. In a few cases, assistance is also provided for marketing and selling the products.

Self-Help Groups

Sevabharathi has been motivating rural and tribal women to form Self Help Groups.These groups meet every week and contribute their savings. Our effort is to start SHGs in villages where there are no such groupings so far and women are unorganised. Under this project, these groups are provided vocational training on many trades like soap making,agarbathi making etc. They are also given training on leadership issues, social and family issues. Sevabharathi maintain Men's Self help group also. Now the total number of women's self help group is reached 2,534.

Water Management

Water is the most basic resource that aids in village development. Sevabharathirecognises this and takes various steps towards conservation of water in the rural areas. In villages, people are taught to clean and maintain ponds and tanks, construct small check-dams and apply rain-water harvesting techniques at the house and village levels. They are also educated about growing crops that suit the water availability in their locality. They are made aware of harmful plants that suck ground-water resource and are given tips about destroying them. Other useful ideas like drip-water irrigation and minimising water usage are also popularized.

Government Schemes

Central and State governments announce various welfare schemes to people time to time. Many people for whom the schemes are meant for hardly get to know the benefits of schemes in rural parts of the nation. Through this initiative people are helped to avail the government schemes.

Self Sustenance Programs No.
Tailoring Classes 23
Computor Coaching Centres 7
Self-helfGroups(Men&Women) 1721
Vocational Training Centres 42