Through its concept of ‘PanchaKaarya’ of the five avenues of empowerment, namely Education, Health, Cultural Values, Self-sustenanceand Disaster Response, Sevabharathi, Then Tamilnadu has immensely impacted the lives of the less privileged to ensure that the burden of poverty does not dilute the fabric of our culture and tradition in them.

‘PanchaKaarya’ or the ‘Five Services’ in Sanskrit are Shiksha (Education), Swasthya (Health), Samskar (Cultural values), Aatmanirbhartha (Self-sustenance) and VipathiRachana (Disaster Management). Following in the footsteps of Vedic tradition Sevabharathi organizes people in such a way as to foster their optimal self-expression.

‘PanchaKaarya’ urges the better privileged to be sensitive to their social responsibility of taking along friends and brethren on the path of righteousness by sharing the might of their time andresources for such causes.It is time that we leveraged our ability to co-exist in a dominion ofdiverse cultural and social beliefs to bring about socio-economic and education parity of those sections of society, who are vulnerable to socio-cultural infiltrations of their faith and beliefs.

To that purpose ‘Sevabharathi, Tamilnadu, champions various projects through its ‘PanchaKaarya’ focus, some of which area cknowledged successes that would do well to scale-up and reach larger sections of society.

Pancha Kaarya

Education health Self Sustenance Cultural Values Disaster Management