The real wealth of an individual lies in his health. A sound body comes first whether he or she wants to pursue education or work in life. Poverty and poor health are linked inextricably. Sevabharathi acknowledges the importance of health as a right not as a privilege. A right denied to many because of the system stacked against them. Bringing quality health care services to the needy with easy access is the main aim of Sevabharathi.

Homeopathy Medical Service

In this part of service there are 1458 homeo medical service centers are functioning to provide the basic medical facility in the form of first aid. In this, the person named "Village Health Worker" is trained under specialized homeo doctor. This service is fully aimed towards the peoples in hills and forest areas. And also every month we conduct Homeopathy Medical Camps with the help of Sharatha Krishna Homeopathy Medical College, Kulasekaram, Kanyakumari.

Ambulance Service

Sevabharathi also operates an ambulance in Rameswaram Island in Ramanathapuram District. The ambulance is provided free of cost for childbirth. For other emergencies, it is made available at a highly subsidised rate or even free if the patient cannot afford it. The villages around sea shore use the services of the ambulance extensively. The ambulance service is also helpful for the devotees coming towards Rameswaram temple.


In life, we constantly have pressures. But the key is to stay calm and peaceful inside while still reacting to the outside world normally. An analogy can be drawn from Indian Mythology where the king of serpents (Anantha) is the bed to Lord Vishnu. The serpent's thousand heads is said to carry the weight of the entire world. But the serpent is said to be in peaceful happy state while supporting the whole world and even its Lord. Let us become Anantha while practicing Yoga. Now there are 94 Yoga centers are functioning throughout Tamil Nadu.

Medical Camp

The medical centers and camps are especially useful in the hilly regions, where people have to walk several miles to reach a hospital or health centre. Distribution of educational leaflets, awareness rallies etc are a regular part of such awareness activities .

Blood Donation Camp & Donor Directory Service

To cater to the needs of open-heart surgeries and other operations, Sevabharathi is motivating people to voluntarily donate blood in large numbers. Door-to-door blood donation campaigns are arranged to create awareness among the masses. In Tamilnadu 67 blood donation centres are actively involved in this work. Apart from this, small camps are arranged in many areas for blood-group testing and the participants are encouraged to contribute their blood to the needy. In the blood banks, the recipients of blood - i.e., the attendants and relatives of the patient - are also motivated to become regular blood donors. The blood provided to the patients is screened adequately for ensuring quality and is priced nominally to meet the screening expenses.

Eye Camp

Free Eye Camps are organised regularly in association with KG Hospital - Coimbatore, Lotus Eye Hospital ? Mettupalayam, Kumaran Hospital ? Tirupur and Aravind Eye Hospital - Thirunnelveli. So far last Year more than 175 patients have been restored eye sight following cataract surgery.

Eye Donors Forum

Statistical figures show that 1/3 of the world's blind population live in India. It is estimated that by 2010 the blind population of India would cross 1.5 crores and cataract accounts for 80 percentage of this figures. Hence Sevabharathi organized Eye Donors Forum. In this forum we conduct awareness about eye donation. By this program more number of peoples is registered for donating their eyes. Last year 64 peoples were got light to their life by 32 members.

Medicinal Herbal Garden

An herb is a plant that has a leaf, seed or flower that can be added to food, medicine or other products. Many herbs have a medicinal capacity when used to treat minor illnesses. Having a healing herb garden on hand may help you to treat burns, colds and more with a small portion of the plant, while it continues to grow for future treatment. Herbs need sunlight, well-drained soil and regular attention to grow in any garden. Hence Sevabharathi give awareness to the peoples, how herbs are used for medical purpose and also encourage them to plant at least common herbal plants like Mint, Hibiscus(Chembaruthi), Sweet flag (Vayambu) , Rue(Arutha)etc.,

Health Projects No.
Medical Centres 1458
Mobile Medical Centres 13
Blood Donor Directory Services 64
Blood Donation Camps 23
Neurotherapy (An indigenous alternative) 6
system of medicineless treatment -
Ambulance Services 1