Education is a source of light which enlightens man in all paths of life. As Sri Ramakrishna said ‘As long I live, so long do I learn.’ We exalt ourselves in our quest for knowledge. But that knowledge remains elusive for the underprivileged and downtrodden. Sevabharathi ensures that these people are given the gift of education that helps them throughout their life. Education helps in ascending the path of progress and march ahead in ending the cycle of poverty.

Tuition Center (KalvidanaMaiyam)

Sevabharathi conducts free tuition centres in backward areas and slums catering to the needs of students from backward, most backward and economically weaker sections. On an average, there is one volunteer-teacher for every 35 students. The teachers develop personal rapport with the students by spending quality time with them. This helps the teachers to understand the student's weaknesses and requirements well, and make them improve in their studies.

The teachers also strive to make school dropouts continue their studies. For two hours every week, the students take a break from their textbooks and have an enjoyable session of songs, prayers and games through which they get introduced to our culture. In keeping with our traditional practice, every year on Guru-Purnima Day, the tuition centre students bring flowers and offer them at the feet of their teacher as a mark of their respect and gratitude. Thus the students learn not just their school lessons, but also the important aspects of our culture. Now under Sevabharathy 200 free tuition centers are functioning.


Sevabharathi conducts free Balwadi schools catering to the needs of the village kids, who cannot afford to go to kindergarten classes in private schools. The students learn and grow in an atmosphere aligned with our culture, through a curriculum packed with games, rhymes and enacted short stories. Simple prayers are also taught. Since good habits and noble values are best inculcated at a tender age, special emphasis is laid on character-building. Reverence towards one's parents and motherland is an important value that is strongly inculcated through the Balwadis.

Day care centers are operated daily between 10 AM to 3 PM, this initiative helps young mothers / daily wage earners to attend their work, leaving behind their young children at our day care centers.

Libraries & Mobile Library

Free reading rooms and libraries are being run by Sevabharathi . Books on spiritual, cultural, historical and patriotic topics are available in these libraries. Written in simple language, these books suit the needs of the rural people. Tamil dailies and periodicals are also provided in these libraries to make the villagers aware of the various happenings across the country.

Hindi & Sanskrit Classes

We also conduct Hindi & Sanskrit classes those who have interest.

Kishore Vikas

In this particular service we give awareness about mental and health to the teenage girls aged between 13 and 18.


Sevabharathi serve to the people of weaker section who lives in villages, hilly areas and slums to promote them in education, character, Health & Wealth.Sevabharathi has recently undertaken a "Project" for the Mentally Challenged Children at Padmanabhapuram, Kanyakumari District with the aim to develop such children mentally & physically in all respects. At present there are 26 children with us & having a plan to develop to 50 children shortly.

Computer Center

Free Computer Coaching Centres are run by Sevabharathi in rural areas and slums. They focus on youngsters who are unable to pursue their higher studies or meet vocational training costs at professional institutes. These computer coaching centres equip them for better job opportunities. Each centre has between three and six computers. In a centre with six computers, around 70 students are trained daily across multiple shifts.

The students are taught the basics of computer operation and trained to work as computer operators in offices / shops or as data-entry operators. Professionally qualified instructors follow a standard syllabus to impart training to the students. Three-month (Word processing and Desktop Publishing) and six-month courses (Word Processing, Desktop Publishing and Computerised Accounting) are conducted. Formal course completion certificates are issued. Youngsters in the villages find these centres very useful.

AnbuIllam: Across 8 centers 157 boys & 153 Girls are taken care

“AnbuIllam” literally translates as Affection Homes, this is initiative for destitute children and others for whom education will be a distant dream because of excruciating circumstance prevailing at their home. These homes function as an accommodation centers for children to pursue their educational dreams. All together these hostels are functioning from 8 different locations. Any visitor would be astonished to find that an AnbuIllam is only a big family and not a hostel or an orphanage. This is the unique approach of Sevabharathi towards homeless children. At present, Sevabharathi runs 3 AnbuIllams for girls, 4 for boys and 1 centre for both boys & girls. In all there 157 boys and 153 girls benefiting from this scheme.

They are conveniently located near public schools, where the children are enrolled by Sevabharathi. Resident care-takers ensure that they do well in their studies. A well-balanced routine that includes games and prayers is strictly followed. The children grow in a positive atmosphere, quite similar to that in a normal household. After their basic education is completed, depending on each person's inclination, Sevabharathi sends them for higher studies, or helps them secure a proper employment, or gets them married suitably. As with any household, care is taken to see that everyone is settled properly in life.

Student Awareness

Village students are at disadvantage while compared with their peers. They are guided about right way to appear for Higher Secondary School Examinations. Students also get counseled regarding their higher education.

Education Empowerment No.
Kindergartens/Play Schools(Balvadi ) 8
Free Tution Centres 200
Value Education / Culture Classes 1158
Children's Small Savings Forums 827
Libraries & Reading Rooms 2
Mobile Libraries 1070
Yoga Classes 127
Hindi Classes 4