India has one of the world's oldest and richest cultures. In this age of technology, cultural values are fast getting eroded. To bring about widely disparate groups to benefit the wider society, encouraging harmony among them and striving to do what is morally right is challenges that Sevabharathi is tackling today. To meet the challenges of the future, Indian society can rely on the past values of the rich cultural heritage that it has inherited.


VanahSakthiSanghamam is a cultural event organized by SevaBharathi in Kanniyakumari district. At this event poor and down trodden tribal people in hill areas were assembled and brought together to celebrate Diwali and other festivals. This program gives a platform for down trodden tribal people to mingle with peers and avert a sense of alienation because of social and financial status. Though these initiatives a sense of oneness and communal harmony is promoted amongst people living in isolated hill areas.

Samskar Kendra (BalaGokulam)

The children of today will be the rulers of tomorrow and they need to be equipped for that. Sevabharathi feels it essential to impart moral education to the younger generation based on our traditional values. It runs SamskarKendras for boys and girls, to inculcate cultural values in them and infuse a sense of pride in our rich heritage at a tender age. This helps the children to grow up as righteous human beings and patriotic citizens.

Good habits relating to personal hygiene, tidiness, etc. are also taught in these classes. The effect of the Samskar Kendra classes has been heart-warming. The exemplary behaviour of these children has won the appreciation of parents and school teachers alike. In fact, several parents have stopped consuming liquor seeing the positive behavioral pattern of their children who have been moulded by the SamskarKendras.


Women play a major role in safeguarding our culture and heritage. As a means to upholding our cultural traditions and to create social awareness in the minds of women, DeepaPooja is conducted periodically in all the places where Sevabharathi activities are going on. The Pooja includes prayers for the personal welfare of the participants and their families, as well as for the good of the entire society.

In our culture, collective prayer is considered superior to individual prayer in producing the desired benefits. Such collective prayer also makes a positive impact on the psyche of the participants and all others around.

The Pooja is invariably followed by special talks featuring social awareness themes. Women participate in large numbers in these poojas, cutting across barriers of caste and economic status. This results in the natural integration of the society

Women's Forum (MahalirMantram)

To engage rural women in an interesting and constructive manner, Sevabharathi conducts women's interactive groups. These groups meet every month and discuss religious, cultural, ethical and social themes of practical relevance such as fighting the dowry menace, the conduct of a married woman in her family and the efficient running of a joint family. To add fun to these serious sessions, some amount of time is spent in playing games. The combination of discussions and games helps the women bond into a well-knit group. These interactive sessions enrich their lives immensely.

Affection Home (AnbuIllam)

Sevabharathi provides shelter and care for needy children. These centres are called as AnbuIllams Abodes of Love and not as orphanages. Any visitor would be astonished to find that an AnbuIllam is only a big family and not a hostel or an orphanage. This is the unique approach of Sevabharathi towards homeless children.

At present, Sevabharathi runs four AnbuIllams for girls, two for boys and one for infants. They are conveniently located near public schools, where the children are enrolled by Sevabharathi. Resident care-takers ensure that they do well in their studies. A well-balanced routine that includes games and prayers is strictly followed. The children grow in a positive atmosphere, quite similar to that in a normal household. After their basic education is completed, depending on each person's inclination, Sevabharathi sends them for higher studies, or helps them secure a proper employment, or gets them married suitably. As with any household, care is taken to see that everyone is settled properly in life.

Vatshalyam (Child Group)

Small saving Group of Children.


Dependence on alcohol and other substances of abuse is very common in Tamil Nadu. And also in Tamil Nadu minimum 6 divorces and many number of suicide attempts were occurs every day. In this critical situation SevabharathiCounselingcenters are took better responsibility to overcome these problems.

Volunteer Services (ShramaDaan)

Sevabharathi involves people in the upkeep and development of their neighbourhood through the ShramaDaan scheme. The people, mainly youth and students, are encouraged to come together and engage in physical work for the upkeep of their locality. Many maintenance projects like cleaning temples, renovating temple tanks and village ponds, and cleaning streets, storm-water drains, playgrounds and schools are taken up under the ShramaDaan scheme. Development projects like laying roads to interior villages are also implemented. Preference is given to improving socially and economically backward localities.

The students are taught the basics of computer operation and trained to work as computer operators in offices / shops or as data-entry operators. Professionally qualified instructors follow a standard syllabus to impart training to the students. Three-month (Word processing and Desktop Publishing) and six-month courses (Word Processing, Desktop Publishing and Computerised Accounting) are conducted. Formal course completion certificates are issued. Youngsters in the villages find these centres very useful.

Social Welfare Programs No.
BhajanMandalis 403
AnbuIllam(Orphanages) 8
Women's Forums(MagalirMandrams) 563
DeepaPooja Groups 990
Adolecent Girl's Counseling 5
Maintanence of Temples,Tanks etc. 324
(UzhavaraPanigal) -