About Us

Standing by the principle of ‘serving man is the way of reaching God’, Sevabharathihas taken root and has today grown from a seedling to the tall tree it is today. Sevabharathi brings about change in an individual by revealing to him his self-confidence, self-respect and showing him who he is. It carries its service activities based on the ideals propounded by Swami Vivekananda. Sevabharathi was incepted in the year 1989 and since its foundation has expanded its activities and today covers the whole nation.

Sevabharathi was formally registered in 2011 as a socio-cultural organisation. Sevabharathi and its sister organisations, under the umbrella of RashtraSevabharathi, carry out various service activities across the country.Apart from regular service activities, Sevabharathi also undertakes relief and rehabilitation work after major calamities. Its work during the Chennai and Kerala floods was met with international appreciation. In the current crisis of Corona, Sevabharathi is going all out in its efforts to mitigate the suffering.

The overall outlook of Sevabharathi Then Tamilnadu is nationalistic and aims at strengthening the social fabric in the State. It focuses on uplifting the downtrodden rural masses and integrating the isolated people in tribal belts with the national mainstream. In parallel, a good amount of work is also done in the slums surrounding the cities and towns of Tamilnadu. The service activities of Sevabharathi benefit lakhs of people cutting across the boundaries of religion, caste, language and gender. All this ultimately strengthens our great nation.